Case study

Adoption Heart


After five years of marriage, we decided to grow our family through adoption. We chose to go a different path and find a birthmother through word-of-mouth connections. To help spread the news, we created products to use in both a networking and fundraising capacity. We knew that whatever we made needed to be something our friends and family would be proud to wear and share.


Our goal was to convey adoption in its simplest form. Something that would resonate with multiple people, and appeal to a wide audience–families who have adopted, who plan to adopt, and those who have been adopted.


The adoption heart logo represents:

  • Family

  • Love + Unity

  • A Solid Bond


  • The knotted hearts represent the life of a child being woven into a new family through adoption
  • Universal appeal: simple and concise


Fun fact: This adoption heart was the inspiration behind the logo.