Case study

Ohio History Connection


In 2014, the Ohio Historical Society began a fresh approach to reaching all Ohioans, starting with a name change. The Ohio History Connection came from a desire to make Ohio history available to everyone through engaging the public and sparking discovery of Ohio’s stories.


Having a long-established presence, the goal was to give the old society logo a facelift. Still emphasizing the iconic Ohio flag (which is the only state flag in the shape of a burgee), the Ohio History Connection wanted a mark that would express the life and energy of their new initiative, while still paying tribute to the past.


Ohio History Connection is:

  • Inspiring

  • Curious

  • Devoted

  • Discerning

  • Approachable


  • Indication of momentum and energy in the flag
  • Nod to previous logo
  • Unique, iconic presence
  • Easily scalable and reproduced at a variety of sizes